We believe that open data sharing and collaboration are essential for the advancement of science, and makes the job more fun! Below, we have provided access to our data and protocols that may be useful to the scientific community.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like additional information


MAPT V337M organoid single cell data

Our most requested data! This is single cell data from our 2021 Cell paper , where we transcriptomically profile iPSC-derived forebrain organoids with MAPT V337M mutations using single cell and bulk RNA-sequencing.

You can find the raw single cell data on GEO HERE (be sure to check the README for barcode info)

The raw bulk RNAseq data and gene counts are HERE

Alternatively, to make the data easier to use and much more accessible, you can download the processed and annotated Seurat objects from the links below. These files were processed as described in our paper. Please note that due to their size, the data is split by organoid age.

Download 2 Month Data

Download 4 Month Data

Download 6 Month Data

Additionally, all processed files (Gene counts, DEGs, GSEA) from the bulk sequencing can be downloaded HERE

SingleR reference annotation data

The combined scRNAseq data from Polioudakis et al 2019 and Zhang et al 2016, packaged into SingleCellExperiment format, used for organoid cell type annotation in SingleR

Download Annotation Reference Data


MACS sorting NPCs

Detailed protocol from our 2019 paper . Sorting neural progenitor cultures to deplete CD271 positive cells and enrich for CD133 positive cells results in fewer infiltrating glia in directly differentiated neuronal cultures, and more consistency in differentiations between cell lines.

If you use this protocol in your work, please cite this paper

Download MACS protocol

Astrocyte differentiation

Detailed protocol from our 2017 paper . Easy and efficient method of generating astrocytes from NPC cultures within 30 days

If you use this protocol in your work, please cite this paper

Download Astrocyte protocol

General iPSC to neuron directed differentiation protocol

General use protocol described in several of our publications. For the differentiation of iPSCs, to EBs, rosettes, NPCs then terminal differentiation to excitatory neurons. Note that this is a directed differentiation, so resulting cultures will be mixed neuronal and glial cultures. In our hands, with NPC sorting using MACS (as above) we get roughly 80-90% TUJ+ cells with this protocol.

If you use this protocol in your work, please cite this paper

Download Neuron differentiation protocol