Nicole Wang

Undergraduate Honours Thesis Student - 2024

Get to know us!

Dr. Filipa Henderson-Sousa - Postdoctoral Researcher

Dr Filipa Henderson-Sousa joined the Bowles lab in 2023 to investigate the early molecular mechanisms underlying tauopathy using iPSC models. She completed her PhD in Dr Barlow’s lab at Edinburgh Napier University and then moved to the Netherlands to join Bogaert’s group as a postdoctoral fellow. She also delved into the world of industry where she worked on developing iPSC-derived cardiac cell organoids. She enjoys long-distance bike rides around Scotland in the summer (too cold in any other season), trail running (also a summer activity) and weight lifting (all-year-round activity). She also enjoys reading– anything and everything – and beach holidays, mainly in Portugal where she is originally from. Filipa is working on understanding the role of ELAVL4 expression on tauopathy pathogenesis in iPSC-organoids.

Kathryn Newton - Senior Research Technician

Kathryn graduated from Aberdeen University with a BSc in Genetics and her first job was working for the Medical Research Council studying pattern formation in hind limbs. She moved on to a stem cell lab and has never looked back. She has mainly worked with stem cell differentiation protocols, histology, molecular biology and microscopy. She has continued to work as a Research Technician preferring to be playing in labs rather than stuck in an office writing grants and papers. She loves holidays in the sunshine mainly Madeira, swimming in the sea and snorkelling. She also enjoys cooking and tries to run twice a week to keep fit all year round weather permitting. In the lab, Kathryn is establishing and supporting iPSC and organoid differentiation protocols and QC across multiple projects.

Lois Keavey - Research Assistant

Lois graduated from the University of Edinburgh with a BSc in Biomedical Sciences with honours in Anatomy and Development. She remained in Edinburgh to undertake an Masters by Research in Neuroscience in the Centre for Discovery Brain Sciences, investigating the spread of pathological tau in tauopathies. She joined the Bowles lab as a Research Assistant in 2023. She enjoys music and crochet, and has recently started climbing. Lois is working on our Rainwater funded project to investigate neuron-glia interactions in primary tauopathies.

Dr. Dianne Lopez - Postdoctoral Researcher

Dianne obtained her PhD in Biological Sciences at the University of Southampton under the supervision of Dr Katrin Deinhardt. Using cultured neurons, microscopy, luminescence assays and electrophysiological techniques, she investigated the molecular mechanisms of tau propagation in tauopathies. She joined the Bowles lab to investigate the role of a novel astrocytic LRRC37A2 gene in Parkinson's disease using iPSCs. She enjoys playing sports all-year-round (e.g., netball, volleyball and ultimate frisbee), hiking and wild swimming. Besides her love for sport and outdoor activities, she has a passion for dancing and in arts and crafts, recently discovering a new found love for landscape painting.

Maja Matoga - Master's Thesis Student

Maja is an MSc student at the University of Edinburgh, completing her thesis in the Bowles lab. Before her Scottish adventure, she obtained a BSc degree from Imperial College London, after which she moved to Switzerland to work in both academia and industry. Any time she is not in the lab you will find her in the mountains, hiking or camping. Maja also loves analogue photography and is learning how to develop her own pictures. In the Bowles lab, she is currently working on understanding the role of ELAVL4 in tauopathies using iPSC-derived neurons.

Christina Steyn - Wellcome Trust PhD Rotation Student

Christina is a PhD student on the Wellcome Trust Translational Neuroscience programme. She is passionate about using interdisciplinary approaches to address challenges in treating complex neurological conditions. She joined the Bowles lab for a rotation project where she is investigating the effects of cellular stressors on neuronal health in an iPSC-derived brain organoid model of frontotemporal dementia. In her spare time, Christina enjoys latin dancing, swimming, walks in nature, and reading with a cup of coffee.